Thanyaporn Be-Fit Collagen Plus Marine Protein (Collagen & Coenzyme Q-10)

Thanyaporn Be-Fit Collagen Plus Marine Protein (Collagen & Coenzyme Q-10)
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1 BOTOL RM105(Brunei)


Produk collagen yg dapat mencantikkan kulit keseluruhan dengan menganjalkan kulit tubuh termasuk muka. Formula anti penuaan & awet muda. sgt berkesan kerana kandungan collagen yg tinggi.

- dpt memutihkan kulit
- menghilangkan selulit
- menghilangkan stretchmark
- kulit tidak sekata menjadi sekata
- menghilangkan jeragat
- memudarkan parut
- Menghasilkan kulit yang tegang dan lebih anjal
- Mengecilkan liang roma
- Kulit menjadi lebih licin dan lembap secara semulajadi
- Memudarkan tompok hitam dan parut
- Mencegah dan mengurangkan pigmentasi serta malasma
- Menghasilkan rambut dan kuku yang lebih sihat
- Meningkatkan kesihatan secara keseluruhan



Be-Fit Collagen Plus (Collagen, Coenzyme Q-10, Grape seed extract, Tomato extract, Gingko Biloba extract).

Collagen is a natural food supplement that enhances the health of the skin, hair, nails and joints. Some other advantages are a glowing complexion, a reduction in frown lines, crow’s feet and nasal labial lines as Be-Fit Collagen Plus helps to stimulate the natural Collagen production.

Collagen Plus also boosts the body’s immune system and helps to neutralize the production of abnormal molecular structures. In general it is used as a anti aging product.

Usage anti aging : 2 capsules before sleeping
Number of capsules : 60 capsules per bottle
Extract in mg per capsules : Marine Proteine 150 mg, Garcinia 100 mg, Collagen 25 mg, etc.

Used for : anti aging, immune booster, smooth skin, yournger appareance, nails, hair

Why should you buy this product?

Boost up your skin healthy and youthful with Pink Be-fit with collagen Q10, Garcinia, Ginkgo, Maritime pine, and more. . It cures your skin for firming and enhance natural CoEnzyme Q10 that loss when you are older. It has Thailand FDA no. 11-1-08646-1-0025. This product is very popular among ladies. It does not only help delaying wrinkle skin but also makes it fit and firm. Many customers from AU, EU , US , China , Singapore , and Malaysia are in love with this product.


1) Skin Condition - I've just recovered from acne, woohoo.. My skin is in good condition than ever. After I stopped taking the prescribed meds by my doc, I consume 1st set Be-Fit Colagen alone, to see the effects on its own. My face becomes smoother as the pores are getting smaller. This I swear to be true - Am not as pale as I did before. Yeah, pale like a GHOST. Haha, without a swipe of blush, I look sick. Now, my face becomes healthier, rosier which mimics how a healthy girl should be! - Less breakouts (I still experience it during menstrual, when the hormone is exploding like crazy), but definitely, in a controlled manner than before

Hanisah 44
( Collagen Plus improves skin condition ) 

2) Hi Aini, Here is my testimony. I bought one set of Be-Fit Collagen Plus from you few weeks ago. I bought this for my mother actually. When she first tried, she thought that it's nothing special about this product. Haha smile. Anyway, I have been asking her how she feel about the product. At first, she did not notice any difference. But she ended up telling me that she thinks her skin is firmer. And I notice her face is glowing. Besides, her dark spots on her hands have lighten. My mother is happy with the result. I will continue to purchase from you in the future. Thank you very much. You're a recommended seller! 

-- Warmest regards, 

Satisfied Collagen Plus customer 

3) She is a very nice seller and highly recommended. I started buying from her since last october till today. Here is my review on Be-Fit Collagen Plus: 1. My skin feel moist, no more dryness at U zone, and no more pimples.. it really enhances my skin complexion :) 2. My breast becomes fuller and rounder... same goes to buttock, become more firm
3. No more crack on my heels... very smooth 4. feel more energetic working 8am to 10pm. Cannot live without that Thanks and good luck in your sales.

Be-Fit Collagen Plus customer 

4) Hashimah - Kuala terengganu

Pn Aini, setelah 3 minggu mengambil Be-Fit Collagen Plus ini kulit saya bertambah berseri-seri,jeragat mula pudar dan rambut saya yang selalu gugur hampir tiada. Garis-garis halus dimuka hilang sama sekali dan terasa kulit memang cantik. Tqvm kerana bagi saya uji cuba produk ini terlebih dahulu dengan harga promosi.

5) Azirah - Penang

Memang menakjubkan Be Fit Collagen Plus ini, kulit saya yang kusam dan banyak jeragat kini hampir pulih setelah 2 minggu saya menggunakannya. Kulit terasa anjal dan struktur memang cantik. Kulit lebih putih,gebu dan licin. Memang puas hatilah kak Aini. Hubby pun puji ,naik semangatlah macam ni. Thanks a lot.


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